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Greater Houston CoDA has but one purpose, that of serving the fellowship of Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA). Our Committee’s goals are to carry the CoDA message to those who still suffer from Co-Dependency, and to offer healthy support of the continuing growth of those recovering from Co-Dependency. The Committee serves in several ways:

  • In as much as each CoDA Group is autonomous, Greater Houston CoDA   has no authority or control over individual meetings or CoDA as a whole, but serves as an inter-group coordinator and mainline of communication between groups in order to help share information, problems and solutions.
  • Greater Houston CoDA serves as the voice of the CoDA Groups it represents in communication with other CoDA Community Committees and with regional and world CoDA organizations.
  • Greater Houston CoDA encourages and helps new CoDA Groups with information, suggestions and starter materials.
  • Greater Houston CoDA may sponsor certain events, retreats, workshops, scholarships, fellowship opportunities, etc.
  • Greater Houston CoDA may serve as an aid to CoDA Regional or CoDA World Fellowship when so requested.



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