Why Be a Sponsor ?

— Becoming a Sponsor is One of the Greatest Gifts You can Give Yourself in Recovery !

The relationship between sponsor and sponsee is a very structured one, one where you can work on your own relationship skills without the complications of romance, family ties or work. Some of the skills you will develop as a sponsor are acceptance, being emotionally present for someone else, listening, and letting go of the results.

Many of us have great difficulty giving love and support without either trying to control the situation or becoming a doormat. Sponsorship can provide a safe space to experience giving loving, caring support within a structured CoDA framework. In addition to developing your own relationship skills, being a sponsor will help you to a better understanding of the CoDA twelve step recovery program.

For example, although you may have thought you really understood what it means to accept your powerlessness over others, explaining the concept to someone else may reveal new meanings to you. You may find that in order to answer a sponsee’s questions, you have to spend some time studying CoDA literature for the answers, and this can only help you in your own program.

But mostly, sponsoring someone may help you by:

  • Giving back that which you have been given.
  • Building a relationship on mutual trust.
  • Helping someone who is trying to change his or her life and, if it happens, seeing that person change.

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